Reflector who?

What happens when you’re shooting on manual settings and natural light? Well, if you don’t quite adjust your settings or get the light boucing off of something… This happens (see photos). You either get a blown up sky and more details on your model like the first picture, or you get a picture with the perfect sky but everything else is dark, like the second picture. Plus, you will have a lot of work to make sure your model is visible and well exposed in post editing.

So, how do you fix that? 


When you use something (in this case a silver reflector) to bounce back the light that’s coming from the sun behind the model, you get both the sky with color and details and a good exposure of your model. Like this picture here.

Yes! Shooting with natural light is fun and all, but there is no reason why you can’t use that natural light to your advantage instead of having it working against you.

<< This photo has no editing whatsoever, but it still looks pretty good compared to the two photos above. Keep scrolling to see what it looks after some editing!



Yep! After just a bit of editing the image looks much more colorful and vibrant. Oh Photoshop, I love you!