Grand Tetons National Park

Landscape with an awesome view

One day in Yellowstone, the other at the Grand Teton National Park. But I can tell you for sure this is the prettiest roadtrip I have ever taken in my whole entire life. 

The drive through the pass and this landscape, this nature, the sunrise, the trees. Everything! All definitelly stop and appreciating. Capturing in a thousand different photos.

Enjoy the photos!

Yellowstone National Park

Island Park and Yellowstone

A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was still somewhat nice, I took a trip to Yellowstone and made a quick stop at Island park and took some really cool nature photography. If I’m being really honest, landscape, wild life and nature photography are not my very favorites to shoot, but oh the great time I had with these. Besides the fact that I almost froze to death when taking them.


Never underestimate the weater and always bring good and warm jackets.

This photo right here I took almost as soon as I got to this little spot, sun had just barely come up and you could (can) still see some of the purple and blue colors as well as the morning fog from the water by the trees. This here is one of my favorites.

It was indeed a great day at Yellostone. Almost as soon as I entered the park, we saw traffic. Whenever you see traffic in Yellowstone, means there’s either a pretty view, geisers or wildlife. In this case, there was a whole family of elks just chilling by the river.

I pulled out my long lens (which is almost as heavy as a newborn baby) and took this shot. I was probably standing 4-5 yards away from them, but still got some really cool details.


An attempt to shoot up close

Yes, when I say up close I meant standing really close to the subject of the photo BUT using a macro lens. In my case, I used the Decogear 0.45x high definition macro lens I had handy. 

The set up for this was pretty simple: A flower bouquet I bought at the store (on sale), light source (LED light on a stand), and a vase to set up the flowers together.

Besides struggling to not have the camera in front of the light and create an ugly shadow and stopping my cat from tearing my arrangement down, I am pretty content with these. Since the first time I played around with macro lenses and macro photography, I’ve always had a special place in both my heart and wall for these.

I took several of the pretty flowers I got (I will add them all at the end), but I also did some fun texture and objects macro, or better, attempted to do so. Here they are:

And as promissed, here is the rest of my flower macros <3
I think you will be able to tell how much I like the color red.