Fashion Shoot Series – Accessories

Buildings and things

As a part of this photoshoot, I included some accessories and buildings to the shots. It is always cool to include some details on the photoshoots you take, that way you always have extra things to show  on your posts or examples, and if you need a photo of a watch to demonstrate something, you don’t need to go out and shoot it again.

Shooting objects and buildings is honestly not one of my favorites, but I am always looking at some inspiration and tips of what to do before I shoot. So if you’re not inspired at all, you can find some ideas here.

Fashion Shoot Series – Group


By far, my favorite part of the whole Fashion Shoot series were these (perfect) sky shots. I mentioned in my other post that I went with the “pink mood” for some photos after the sun was already setting and there wasn’t much natural light. But I would never imagine it would work so well and look so good together. 


POSES. There’s always a point in your photoshoot that you run out of ideas, energy, patience and a lot of other things. My tip and what I do when I get to this point is let the models or whoever is with me at the time just give me ideas or arrange themselves in poses that would look good or could work… Then, when I get to the post production part, these are the photos I like the most. 

As I learn my photography style, I understand that candids and spontaneous shots are the ones I most enjoy taking and editing.

But, if you need inspiration, you can always find them on Pinterest.

Fashion Shoot Series – Men

Models, lights, POSE!

PINK! Yes!!!

Ok, real quick, I love me some gels and colorful LED lights to create a mood like in this photo. Pink is my personal favorite, as you might’ve guessed. By now, the sun was already setting and there wasn’t a lot of natural light, so I decided to create a whole mood and go with it. 

For this part, to make it more interesting, I used brands the both of the boys were wearing and added the logo on the photo.

Fashion Shoot Series – Women

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Instructions for a fashion shoot: get a lot of models together, get the correct lights depending on the time of the day you are shooting, get all kinds of gear to help you with lighting (reflector, flash, etc), and go to a really cool location, and BAM, start shooting.

Some time ago, I did this exact thing, and invited some friends to be models for this kind of experience… And man, what a blast! 

And look, I even had a dog model for me!

One important thing to always remember is to try different angles and different poses and perspectives, to make it fun for you and your model. And when you get to the post production part, you will be grateful you tried new things!

Balance The Light – Portraits

Reflector who?

What happens when you’re shooting on manual settings and natural light? Well, if you don’t quite adjust your settings or get the light boucing off of something… This happens (see photos). You either get a blown up sky and more details on your model like the first picture, or you get a picture with the perfect sky but everything else is dark, like the second picture. Plus, you will have a lot of work to make sure your model is visible and well exposed in post editing.

So, how do you fix that? 


When you use something (in this case a silver reflector) to bounce back the light that’s coming from the sun behind the model, you get both the sky with color and details and a good exposure of your model. Like this picture here.

Yes! Shooting with natural light is fun and all, but there is no reason why you can’t use that natural light to your advantage instead of having it working against you.

<< This photo has no editing whatsoever, but it still looks pretty good compared to the two photos above. Keep scrolling to see what it looks after some editing!



Yep! After just a bit of editing the image looks much more colorful and vibrant. Oh Photoshop, I love you!

Portrait with Lighting

The power of an external light source

When shooting portraits, it is important that you have a light source. Yes, the sun counts as a light source, the light from the room does too, but if you want to make sure the model doesn’t have a lot of shadow on their face, you need to bring an additional light source to fill in the shadows as they pose. Take this picture on the right for example: He was posing, there is natural light coming from the right (that’d be the sunset light), but there is also light on the left side of his face filling in all the shadows that would be there had I not used a strobe light flash. Can you tell which is sun light and with is flash?

For the next example, I am still using a strobe light, but in this case there is no sunlight directly behind the model and we are also standing in the shade. But, because I am using an additional light source, you can see that the background is perfectly visible, and the model is fully visible because of the light used. MAGIC friends! The power of adding light to your natural light photography. Try it, you’ll thank me later.


Oh, by the way, if you want to learn more in depth about anything I have ever talked about here, you can check this website. Caryn Esplin is the person I have been learning everything from.