By far, my favorite part of the whole Fashion Shoot series were these (perfect) sky shots. I mentioned in my other post that I went with the “pink mood” for some photos after the sun was already setting and there wasn’t much natural light. But I would never imagine it would work so well and look so good together. 


POSES. There’s always a point in your photoshoot that you run out of ideas, energy, patience and a lot of other things. My tip and what I do when I get to this point is let the models or whoever is with me at the time just give me ideas or arrange themselves in poses that would look good or could work… Then, when I get to the post production part, these are the photos I like the most. 

As I learn my photography style, I understand that candids and spontaneous shots are the ones I most enjoy taking and editing.

But, if you need inspiration, you can always find them on Pinterest.