An attempt to shoot up close

Yes, when I say up close I meant standing really close to the subject of the photo BUT using a macro lens. In my case, I used the Decogear 0.45x high definition macro lens I had handy. 

The set up for this was pretty simple: A flower bouquet I bought at the store (on sale), light source (LED light on a stand), and a vase to set up the flowers together.

Besides struggling to not have the camera in front of the light and create an ugly shadow and stopping my cat from tearing my arrangement down, I am pretty content with these. Since the first time I played around with macro lenses and macro photography, I’ve always had a special place in both my heart and wall for these.

I took several of the pretty flowers I got (I will add them all at the end), but I also did some fun texture and objects macro, or better, attempted to do so. Here they are:

And as promissed, here is the rest of my flower macros <3
I think you will be able to tell how much I like the color red.