Portrait photography is my very favorite style to shoot. So as a personal project, I decided to photograph and compile a print magazine-style book,  that shows the FOUR things I always include in my photography.

Angles… Obviously a good angle can make or break the photo, at least that is what I believe. That’s why, when I take a great picture, but it sits kind of crooked on the axis, I try my best to align the photo without loosing much details in the process.

Having a good eye for a different perspective it’s not always easy, and it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to most people (myself included), so I try by  very best to always try different angles and positions while taking photos. You will almos always see me squatting or lowering myself or at least my camera to capture different photos. 

But, doing whatever you feel is appropriate or even going a bit crazy sometimes can pay off with some really incredible shots of your subject.