Portrait photography is my very favorite style to shoot. So as a personal project, I decided to photograph and compile on a print magazine-style book, the FOUR things I always include in my photography.

Ok, I get really excited with this one, because I love colors and adding different colors in my photography. If you’ve seen the other posts on my blog you noticed that my style of editing usually brings out the vibrancy of colors in the subject or the photo itself. But, there are so many more way to add color to your photography…

My new favorite things to use now, are smoke bombs. Granted I am still mastering how to use them and not to get burned in the process (yes, that happened), but it is SO MUCH FUN when the photo comes out looking super colorful.

Anothe thing I love using are gels to add color to your photo DURING the process, and colorful lights (read my post about lights), to add a whole different mood to the photos.