Lights, but as props!


Portrait photography is my very favorite style to shoot. So as a personal project, I decided to photograph and compile a print magazine-style book, that shows the FOUR things I always include in my photography.

Some posts ago, I talked about lights as a source of light (duh!), but today I’m showing light as props for your photography. Whatever “kind” of light it might be… A red light from a random tattoo parlor entrance I saw in an alley downtown, fairy lights I bought to decorate my room (and later bought a second pack just for photography), game lights from an arcade at the mall or even the sunlight at the right angle, it all works.

However you might want to use, light as props for your photos is a GREAT idea as long as you’re using good angles and great posing (check out my other posts about it).

Choose your light source and your light prop well and have fun!

Here’s a resource that can help you with ideas for lights as props.