The power of an external light source

When shooting portraits, it is important that you have a light source. Yes, the sun counts as a light source, the light from the room does too, but if you want to make sure the model doesn’t have a lot of shadow on their face, you need to bring an additional light source to fill in the shadows as they pose. Take this picture on the right for example: He was posing, there is natural light coming from the right (that’d be the sunset light), but there is also light on the left side of his face filling in all the shadows that would be there had I not used a strobe light flash. Can you tell which is sun light and with is flash?

For the next example, I am still using a strobe light, but in this case there is no sunlight directly behind the model and we are also standing in the shade. But, because I am using an additional light source, you can see that the background is perfectly visible, and the model is fully visible because of the light used. MAGIC friends! The power of adding light to your natural light photography. Try it, you’ll thank me later.


Oh, by the way, if you want to learn more in depth about anything I have ever talked about here, you can check this website. Caryn Esplin is the person I have been learning everything from.