Learning new things

One of the many beauties of editing photos with Photoshop is that you can add a number of items to your photo, and you can do all kinds of things, from creating a layer mask to blending textures and other photos with the original. This fun part is called post production! 

Post production is where you spend the majority of your time (usually). You go out, take great shots but they 99.99% of the time don’t come out exactly like you want them to. So, you have to edit.

What I tried this time was blending a texture (shown above) to one of the portraits I took a couple of weeks ago. At that time the sky looked insanely  beautiul and I wanted to get that in my shot, as well as my model. Next I will show the original shot from the camera without any edit whatsoever and my version of it (I exagerated a bit, but which photographer doesn’t). 

Then, I used the texture photo I got from Pexels, to blend in with my awesome and bright sky. And this is how it turned out!

I wanted the sky to look like broken glass, that is why I added that mosaic glass arrangement photo on the sky behind. You can still see the colors, as well as the details. 

I really liked doing this bit of the post production process. I will be trying new things and more of this eventually, so keep coming back!