Studio Quality Invisible Black Background

Yes! Invisible black background because these photos were shot in broad daylight in a well lit room (see set up shot at the end). For the studio quality with the invisible backgroung all you need is the correct settings for your camera, any light (flash, LED strip) and either a helper or a light stand.

If you’ve been on my About Me page, you probably read I am originally from Brazil. So, obviously, in this first shot I had my home country directed at the camera. I had a friend holding both the globe and the light on the side from a high angle. The settings were perfect and I was able to get a completely invisible black background without much effort here.
In this photo Adele (the gorgeous model) was doing some quick poses in the middle of the gallery and we have an LED strip on the left to be able to focus on one side of her face while everything else was dark. Studio quality huh?
This here is the photo you can see me shooting on the set up shot. I was getting some regular boring angles from the other side of the bench, so I decided to change it up a little bit and now you can’t see the backgroung. Invisible Black Background, what a beaut <3

Set Up Shot

As promised earlier, here is my set up shot. Bet you didn’t believe me when I said it was broad daylight in a well lit room huh? Well, there it is. Every other picture in this post was taken in the same room at the same time. Like I mentioned, all you need is the right settings, and a light source. Oh, and I friend to hold the light for you… Or a light stand, is up to you!