My Personal Style Project

An overview 

Portrait photography is my very favorite style to shoot. So as a personal project, I decided to photograph and compile a print magazine-style book, that shows the FOUR things I always include in my photography.

  • Color 25% 25%
  • Light 25% 25%
  • Angle 25% 25%
  • Pose 25% 25%

This wasn’t very lenght or complicated. I planned on doing four different photoshoots with four different models  and use different lighting, props, have different scenarios and go to different locations. And later create four different blog post for each topic I focused on: Color, Light, Angle and Pose.

This project took me about 25 hours to complete. That includes, planning, purchase of props, travel to location, shooting time, editing and review. I took nearly 150 photos in the process, but used 30 for my project. Here you can see some:

On post production, I made sure to include as much of my style on the photos as I could. When I edit photos I really like to bring out as much color as I can. I usually increase saturation and vibrance enough to make the colors pop-out in a distinguishable way.

 You can check the finished result on my Blog page, or on my posts.

Contact me for a photoshoot.

Portfolio – My Style

Portfolio – My best work

From the moment I started taking photos, I found out that portrait photography is my favorite and it is what I am best at, but that didn’t and won’t stop me from trying and learning new things.

The past couple of months I have been dedicating a lot of time for my photography and to learning new things related to that. I am taking a class called Professional Imaging (Comm 316) with Caryn Esplin, at Brigham Young University- Idaho, and in this class we are learning in depth about commercial, creative, fine art and portrait photography.

So I created a gallery for my personal portfolio with my best work of the past couple of months.  You can check the full version here.